If you adopt a pet, you are asked to fill out our adoption form , pay the adoption fee (varies by animal) and take your new family member home. It is simple. You get to see the animal in a stress-free environment and talk one on one to the caregiver about what they have observed about him/her.

If you choose to adopt a pet that we have had for only a few days, remember that there there may be unforeseen problems. We try to observe the animal for about a week before adoption. Some folks choose to adopt one before we have had a chance to fully observe it, and later on found some problems. We offer a 10-day exchange for another pet, or 1/2 your money back for a refund within 10 days. The adoption process takes a lot of our time and time is money.

I hope you understand we are all volunteers that have jobs and families of our own. Saving furry friends is a passion that we do after hours. A very expensive one at that. We contribute a lot out of our own pockets to keep the program going and feel a lot of satisfaction when we see them go to you, to live happy lives!

You must agree to spay or neuter the animal you adopt between the time it is 4 and 6 months old, and send proof that you have done so. If you do not do so, we reserve the right to claim the pet back. You will initial on the adoption form that you understand our policy and agree to it.

If you'd like to see the forms you'll be asked to fill out, or if you'd like to fill them out before you meet your prospective new family member at the foster home or at an adoption day.

Mat Valley Kitties Adoption Form (Please note this must be copied; one copy to MVK and one for adoptive family.)

Mat Valley Kitties No Health Guarantee Policy; (Please note this must be copied; one copy to MVK and one for adoptive family.)

Mat Valley Kitties Info Sheet

Spay/Neuter Proof Form and Instructions. This MUST be returned to MVK per instructions

Friends of Pets Spay/Neuter Coupon Application for Anchorage and Eagle River vet clinics* Also, Anyone (Especially to Valley residents) can refer to the STOP Over Population Program Here.

Spay-neuter surgery assistance is dependent on available funding. Contact organizations for more information or to donate.


Notice of Policies

 • All pets adopted through Mat Valley Kitties & Puppies must be spayed or neutered between 4 and 6 months of age. Proof of altering must be sent to us. This is critical to reduce animal overpopulation.
• Mat Valley Kitties & Puppies cannot guarantee the health of the animals it places. Most pets have been fostered for a period of observation and any known conditions or ailments would have been treated. We maintain shot records on animals that have been fostered. Prospective adoptive families will be advised of any known conditions.
• Some of the pets are microchipped. It is the adoptive families' responsibility to submit the necessary paperwork.
• There is a fee to adopt. The fee helps cover some of the cost of caring for animals, most of which need veterinary care. Most need vaccinations, some need medicines and all need food and litter. The adoption fee you pay helps perpetuate this charitable work. Adoption fees are based on age of the feline, type of cat and special circumstances.
• If you are unhappy with an adopted animal, you may return the animal to Mat Valley Kitties & Puppies within 10 days for credit toward another animal. No full cash refunds are offered. Those returning an adoptive cat for cash will receive half of the adoption fee.
• If for any reason at any time you cannot keep your pet, you are obligated to contact Mat Valley Kitties and Puppies. The animal is not to be taken to any publicly run animal control facility. Mat Valley Kitties and Puppies must be advised before any change in placement.
• We reserve the right to refuse to adopt any pet to anyone. Our first concern is the health, safety and contentment of the pet.

For more information, see the Mat Valley Kitties and Puppies Rescue Adoption Process Page.




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Some house plants can be poisonous to pets! For a full list and more information, click the photo!

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